Pan-TPE programme: Assess the Impacts of Environmental Change and Policy Recommendations for Green Silk Road

Project period: 2018-2022 Funding Sources: Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ecosystem-based Adaptation through South-South Cooperation (EbA South)

Project period: 2013-2019 Funding source: The Special Climate Change Fund, Global Environment Facility

Global Dryland Ecosystem Programme (Global-DEP)

Period: 2017–2021 Funding sources: Chinese Academy of Sciences

Strengthening Qinghai women farmers’ income security and resilience in a changing climate

Period: 2018–2021 Funding sources: UN Women

Water resource changes and adaptive management in the Greater Mekong River Basin

Project period: 2016-2020 Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China

South-South Capacity Building for Ecosystem Management in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region

Project period: 2015-2016 Funding sources: UN Environment-China Trust Fund

Driving Mechanisms of Land Use and Land Cover Change in the Sahel: Impacts and Responses

Project period: 2017-2021 Project sources: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Impact of agricultural development on food security and water vulnerability under climate change in the Zambezi Basin

Project period: 2016-2020 Project sources: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Sustainable Management of Protected Areas in East Africa

East African nations have expanded the coverage of Protected Areas (PA) and established a complex set of PA management systems over the past century.