Working with nature for a more resilient world to COVID-19: Inspirations from farmer communities in China

China Farmers’ Seed Network, working with UNEP-IEMP, collated stories from 14 farming communities in China to show how working with nature can help people cope better with and recover better from crisis like COVID-19 and climate change.

15 July 2020

Ecosystem-based Adaptation through South-South Cooperation (EbA South) Project: Video produced by EbA South Nepal pilot country

The video was produced by the EbA South Nepal country team, led by the Ministry of Forests and Environment.

25 December 2019

Saving the Seychelles: Reforestation to fight climate change

This video features the use of nature as a defence against climate change. Planting mangroves can be a cost-effective way of reducing coastal erosion and flooding caused by rising sea levels.

24 December 2019

Documentary film produced by EbA South: full length film

The full length documentary film was developed with a highlight on the project on-the-ground implementation in the three pilot countries – Mauritania, Nepal and Seychelles.

27 June 2019