Does gender matter for the intergenerational transmission of education? Evidence from rural China

Yongqing Donga, Yunli Bai, Weidong Wange, Renfu Luo, Chengfang Liu, Linxiu Zhang*

Journal Title: International Journal of Educational Development

Volume/Issue/Page: Volume 77, September 2020, 102220

Published Time: 25 June 2020


Many studies have examined whether children’s gender influences their educational attainment. However, there are limited studies on both the impact of parents’ education on children’s education and the educational gender gap in rural China. This paper investigates the impact of parents’ education on their children’s education from a gender perspective in rural China using comprehensive rural household data. We find that the educational gender gap in rural China has been decreasing over the last several decades. Moreover, the educational gender gap decreases as parents’ education increases. Parents’ initial educational attainment plays an important role in narrowing the educational gender gap.

Keywords: Gender, Educational attainment, Educational gender gap, Parents’ education

Corresponding author: Linxiu Zhang,

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