The impact of farmland property rights security on the farmland investment in rural China

Yueming Cao, Yunli Bai*, Linxiu Zhang

Journal Title: Land Use Policy

Volume/Issue/Page: Volume 97, September 2020, 104736

Published Time: 15 May 2020


This paper aims to estimate the effect of the security of farmland property rights on land-attached and long-term investment. Based on the data from a nationally representative sample with 5887 plots of 1175 households among 5 provinces in rural China, we adopt Probit, Ordinary Least Squares / Tobit, and the household fixed effect methods to yield the consistent results. The results show that the security of farmland property rights have significant and positive effects on the possibility and amount of the overall farmland investment. However, it has different effects on the different types of investments. The share of farmland retained significantly affects the investments in soil quality improvement and changing use of the plots but does not affect the investment in water conservancy facilities. The types of farmland property rights affect investments in water conservancy facilities and changing use of plots, but do not affect investment in soil quality improvement. The findings imply that the Chinese government should be the principal investor in water conservancy facilities and enlarge the operational scale of farmland by facilitating farmland transfer to increase private investment.

Keywords: Farmland property rights, Land-attached investment, Rural China

Corresponding author: Yunli Bai,

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