Regional Dialogue on Empowering Women to Manage Sustainable Food Systems And Enhancing Agrobiodiversity in the Asia Pacific Region will be held online

  • 30 April 2021  |  Forums

Event Information

  • Date: 30 April 2021
  • Time: 15:00-18:30 pm (Beijing time)
  • Form: Zoom Online Meeting (Register here)

Event Introduction

On 30 April 2021, the “Regional Dialogue on Empowering Women to Manage Sustainable Food Systems and Enhancing Agrobiodiversity in the Asia Pacific Region” (hereafter “the Dialogue”) will be held online. This virtual event will bring together key experts and practitioners in the area of gender, food security, and agrobiodiversity in the Asia Pacific region to showcase good practices from actions on the ground to policy making process as well as to explore partnership opportunities to further collaborate on the topics of sustainable food systems. The event is hosted by UNEP together with UN Women, ICIMOD, and ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity, and coordinated by UNEP-IEMP.

The Dialogue will have two sessions, with Session 1 focusing on “Gender, agrobiodiversity and sustainable food system in Asia Pacific” and Session 2 on “Showcases of gender empowerment and agrobiodiversity conservation experiences and lessons learned from on-the-ground actions to policy making process”.

The Dialogue aims to achieve the following four objectives:

  • To exchange experiences, lessons learned, and best practices on gender equality and women empowerment in agrobiodiversity, food security and contribution to sustainable food system transformation
  • To enhance capacity and knowledge for gender responsive policy implication and supporting actions with multiple stakeholders at multiple levels
  • To provide inputs to the upcoming CBD COP 15 and Food Systems Summit 
  • To explore potential collaboration opportunities to further the gender equality in addressing agrobiodiversity conservation and food system challenges in Asia Pacific

The Dialogue targets on wide participants from the Asia Pacific region, including representatives from UNEP, UN Women, and other UN agencies; interregional and international organizations; national and local governments; networks; NGOs; academic and research institutions; and others.

Please check out the agenda and speakers on the official website.

To register the Dialogue, please click here.

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