UNEP-IEMP facilitated South-South cooperation outcomes in Asia and Africa featured by UN publication

  • 15 September 2022  |  News

On Sep 12th 2022, the UN publication "Good Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Development – Volume 4got published during the UN South-South Cooperation Day event, in which project outcomes from UNEP-IEMP and its collaborating partners are well featured.

The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation leads to record, systematize and facilitate access to development knowledge from and for the global South. This publication documents evidence-based good practices, showcasing over 130 development solutions that have demonstrated cross-boundary cooperation and knowledge transfer between countries of the global South and which are highly adaptable to local economic and social conditions.

The three cases coordinated and contributed by UNEP-IEMP and its partners are towards achieving SDG2 zero hunger and SDG15 life on land. In the case on CropWatch, it showcased cloud-based agricultural monitoring platform for food security in the Zambezi River Basin, and particularly highlighted the CropWatch platform customized for Mozambique government for their agrometeorological forecasting and improving agriculture practices.

Good practice case on CropWatch: cloud-based agricultural monitoring platform for food security in the Zambezi River Basin

The two cases contributing to SDG15 on ecosystem restoration showed partners efforts in Central Asia and the Sahel region of Africa. In the case of Great Green Wall in Africa, experiences and lessons of linking the world’s two largest deserts, the Sahara and Taklimakan deserts, through South-South cooperation and ecosystem restoration were analyzed and shared. Efforts in restoring the dry Aral Sea beds and bio-saline agriculture practices were well documented and shared in the Central Asia case. 

Good practice case on linking Great Green Walls of the world’s two largest deserts through South-South cooperation

Good practice case on building ecological barriers in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Central Asia

These South-South cooperation outcomes well reflected continuous efforts in customizing, transferring and upscaling different technologies and good practices from China towards other developing countries especially in Asia and Africa, which UNEP-IEMP has been facilitating. These initiatives and projects are greatly supported by joint programmes between the Chinese Government and the United Nations Environment Programme. 

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