Dr. Linxiu Zhang was interviewed by UNEP on the policy brief on "Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Food Systems"

  • 24 October 2022  |  News

UNEP caught up with Dr. Linxiu Zhang in recent days on the policy brief prepared by UNEP-IEMP on "Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Food Systems". As below is an overview of the special interview.

Director Zhang mentioned that there was a huge gender difference in agriculture, such as a lot of barriers for women to get access to land, financial resources and technology. Some other studies also indicate a common gender difference in the labor market.

Promoting the elimination of barriers to gender equality requires the combined efforts of all sectors of the society, especially those made by the practitioners and policymakers. Gender budgeting, as a popular tool for the gender equality, needs cross-sector collaboration. When talking about gender-responsive policymaking in agriculture, it is necessary to broaden the topic and adopt an integrated approach to consider the joint role of agriculture, health and education policies.

Unfortunately, women are not well represented at the decision-making level. There should be consensus of policy makers on raising the awareness of gender equality and generating gender-sensitive policies. From the perspective of science-informed policy making, the statistics should include gender-disaggregated data and gender-sensitive indicators.

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This interview has been relevant to and recommended as reading material on the topic of “Gender and Agriculture” under the joint Poverty-Environment Action between UNDP and UNEP

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